Wasting time with XHTML 2.0

Seriously, don’t waste my time talking about XHTML 2, let alone HTML5

The masses must learn to deply in HTML 4.01 before they can launch some crap in HTML wtf 5, or XHTML 1.0 before they go crazy with deploying in XHTML 2.



The Definition List: Talked about, again

Norm, or Mark Norman Francis, wrote quite the eloquent and scathing piece of work at 24 ways entitled My Other Christmas Present Is a Definition List. While reading it I was reminded of something Chris Wilson said, once upon a time.

In 2006 Chris Wilson spoke at @media. His spiel was on IE: 7 and Beyond. The intent was to talk about the then forthcoming IE7 and what they did and what they didn’t do and because of such what the web developers ought/need to do to account for all the implications. All that aside, one thing he said in that presentation, which I’m now taking the liberty to take out of context, is that they implemented some of the CSS3 because it was cheap.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, Norm points out that the current spec for the DL is or might be rather erroneous and that the holy upcoming HTML5 spec does a bit better to clarify what really to do with the Darn List, however, in the end, there is still much unlawful activity against markup going on in the tubes.

Beach on Punk Product Management

I think we have a new winner in the K.I.S.S. paradigm of web work: Punk Product Management

A classic.

Tumblr’s Pownce Killer (heh)

I’m not really sure what to make of this, but I can’t wait. it’ll be the bomb. It’ll be all that was once promised, now realised.

Really, this is just a means for which to write about Pownce, and Tumblr, in a blog that references somethng going on with the use of the Flickr “blog this” button.

HTML 5 & WebKit

I’m all about the new and exploring cutting edge of HTML5, but for the pedantic dilettante in me, I wish the specs were more flushed out with examples, or, why the collective thought this was a good idea. You know?

This little brain thought came from reading the WebKit Blog regarding the HTML5 Client Side Database Storage.

Their example shows how you can write notes, the little yellow kinds, and they’ll be there when you come back. This is like cookies, right? But, better, maybe? I don’t know.

BTW, did you know they have a twitter bot? Interesting.

WTF is popular in Standards

I started a lazy Saturday opening my feed reader. The first two articles have me depressed.

Paul Downey‘s talking about helping pour souls still trapped in Middleware hell to walk into the light and pass the bovril and blankets.

Then Matt explains something about MS going OS in 2017?

Whatever. Is Sunday here yet? I must go to church and take communion before the web dies.

Rissington & Stilton

I’d really like to hear The Rissington Podcast talk more about which cheese would be the proper cheese to have near one’s workstation while coding web-sites and various other web based applications.